What I learned about daily routines from burying my head in my inbox

If you search for meaning and fulfillment in your email inbox, you will find something ugly. If you search for meaning in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, news feeds, television, you will find a meaning. You will be filled with fear and negativity. And, the emotions you find will serve you poorly.

I’ve learned this the hard way and a low energy day starts like this.

  • I start my day with my head in my inbox.
  • It doesn’t take long before I end up in a dark place, far from where I want to be.
  • I skip exercising, reading, writing, eating healthy breakfast.
  • Energy levels plummet and it becomes impossible to be the best version of myself.
  • I become unpleasant to be around, emotional, and worry about little things.

Don’t let yourself end up here! Wake up an hour early tomorrow to make more time for you. *No excuses.* There is no good reason to skip your hard-earned healthy habits.

There is no good reason to skip your hard-earned healthy habits.

If instead of toxic sources of meaning, you rely on pure ones, you will find a difference in the things you are doing. Drink deeply from a good book, listen to a favorite symphony, reconnect with your kids and family, or search deep in your heart. You will find a meaning that sets your soul on fire.

Tomorrow when you wake up drink a glass of water, first. Reclaim your agenda and focus on what matters most to you.

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