The Top 7 Podcasts Right Now

The Top 7 Podcasts

Want to discover a great, new podcast? You won’t regret trying these.

The James Altucher Show

hosted by James Altucher (author, entrepreneur, comedian)

Podcast summary: Altucher brings on world-class guests and digs into their life stories.

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The Jordan Harbinger Show

hosted by Jordan Harbinger (writer & former 11 year co-host of Art of Charm podcast)

Podcast summary: Harbinger brings on world-class guests and digs into their successes and lessons learned.

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WorkLife by Adam Grant

hosted by Adam Grant (professor, organizational psychologist, bestselling author)

Podcast summary: Grant explains the psychology of the workplace and provides practical pointers for becoming more satisfied at work and at home.

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American Innovations

hosted by Steven Johnson (bestselling author of How We Got to Now)

Podcast summary: the first season tells the amazing story of mankind’s discovery of DNA.

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Revisionist History

host by Malcolm Gladwell (bestselling author)

Podcast summary: Gladwell tells surprising stories about historical events misunderstood or overlooked.

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TED Radio Hour

hosted by Guy Raz (NPR radio host)

Podcast summary: All the goodness of TED talks wrapped together into nugget-packed audio, with extra knowledge from TED speakers.

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How I Built This

hosted by Guy Raz (NPR radio host)

Podcast summary: Amazing, and often surprising stories told by founders of world-changing businesses.

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