How to be a Legendary Human


  • Experiment constantly, learn constantly
  • Demand excellence
    • From yourself first
    • Frown upon attention-seeking behavior
  • Have powerful presence, be powerfully present
  • Practice common sense
  • Develop a sense of urgency
    • You will die someday..
  • Always do the right thing
    • Stress comes from knowing the right thing to do, yet doing something else
  • Add value to every person you meet

Solving Problems

  • Solve hard problems to improve quality of life for someone, something.
  • Don’t be a superman – don’t try to save the world
    • Solve real problems – don’t invent new ones
  • Take massive action
    • Attack problems from all angles, be relentlessly resourceful


  • Breathe clean air
  • Eat food that tastes good and feels good
  • Drink clean water
  • Keep a clean environment
  • Move your body and your brain every day
  • Bask in sunlight


Wealth isn’t always about money:
  • Learn and promote good ideas. The human brain is powerful (wealth of knowledge)
  • Build strong, lasting relationships (wealth of love)
  • Solve hard problems that people will pay you for (wealth of added value)
  • Be authentic and show the world you can be trusted to use shared resources to advance society in positive ways (wealth of trust)
  • People are rewarded in public for things they’ve practiced for years in private (wealth of recognition)


  • To me, this means being the best husband, son, father, and friend, cousin, brother, etc.
  • Share your life celebrations and take interest in the lives of others.
  • Say yes to people who matter in your life.
    • Say no to those who don’t.


  • Make people smile and laugh every day. Happiness comes from human connection.
  • Make time to play
  • Schedule time to do nothing but think and breath.