Monthly meta post: What I learned about Writing from Writing May, 2018

It’s now been 3 years, 5 months since I started writing online (January 1st, 2015). And it feels like I’m just getting started.

I haven’t kept track of how much time I’ve invested but I’ll estimate around 150 hours, mostly on weekends. A long way to go to reach 10,000 hours of mastery. During that time I’ve authored hundreds of articles, and twice I’ve entirely quit. Brutal!

After three years a small group of fans reads what I write. Very cool :).

When you are the only one pushing yourself forward, it takes a long time to overcome self-doubt. This is what the inner voice says: Who am I to give advice to anyone? What have I accomplished? What will my friends think? Family think? Coworkers think? I’m no good at this, what’s the point? Some people never silence that voice. They live their entire lives with that voice, always putting the brakes on, holding back. Like James Altucher says, you have to choose yourself.

This month was a killer month. I found some dirty tricks to boost traffic, and I learned a lot. I also received some amazing feedback from readers which I took to heart. Shout out to Makrand Patil! overall stats May, 2018

  • 210 visitors
  • 1.43 views per visitor

Stats for each post visited in May, 2018

Title Views
Reading Time
117 5 min
What I learned from buying too many books 30 2 min
What I learned from getting hit by a car 24 1 min
What I learned from So Good They Can’t Ignore You 21 3 min
What I learned about Work/Life Balance from Jeff Bezos 14 2 min
14 2 min
Why has experience helped some and not others? 10 N/A
9 3 min
What I learned about leadership from Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella 9 2 min
What I learned from The Three Laws of Performance 8 3 min
8 2 min
What I learned about Trust 8 3 min
6 2 min
What I learned from Simon Sinek 6 1 min
What I learned about Urgency from Les Brown (motivational speaker) 5 1 min
How to Waste your Summer Internship without getting Fired 3 3 min
What I learned about Behavior from Sway 3 2 min
What I learned about Manhood from Sir Richard Branson’s father 3 1 min
What I learned from asking companies for money 2 2 min
What I learned about writing from sharing my work with a writer 2 5 min


  • 7 posts about books I’ve read
  • 3 posts sharing personal stories
  • 4 posts inspired by YouTube videos
  • 1 post inspired by a podcast


Longer posts get more exposure. They are also better search engine optimized (SEO). One analysis concluded 8 minutes reading time is the optimal length.

Traffic redirect trick. Tesla Motors restructuring was a hot news topic on the LinkedIn social network. I commented on several articles and included a link to my post about the recently leaked Tesla memo. This proved an effective way to attract dozens of visitors.

Posts about popular topics get more attention (duh). Writing about Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, their companies, or other big names attracts more visitors.


When it comes to writing, if you’re aiming for quick fame and glory, good luck! Remember

The best way to succeed in writing is to write.

Ready for takeoff!

Thank you for giving me more attention than I deserve. Thank you for taking the time to visit. The just broke its record best.

Check it out:

Legendary! In July the blog had 71 unique guests! You may think these numbers are tiny. To me, this is huge. The very first blog post was published on January 1st, 2015. Over two and a half years, there were many weeks with 0 guests. Those two and half years have been a non-stop struggle and non-stop learning.

Celebrate diversity!

In July, the blog served guests from 9 different countries.

Thank you for reading!

Together we build a world free of fear. What would you do if you were not afraid?

Be Legendary

The blog has a new domain name!

Hey folks, sorry it’s been a while. During April, May, June of 2017 I experimented by publishing nine posts only to Medium. 3,413 words constitute those posts. They were viewed 105 times total.

If you’re curious, you can find those 9 posts here:
What is Self-Awareness? – LeaderCraft – Medium
How to Eliminate ToDo List Stress And Move Towards Your Dreams
How to Start an Abundant Day without $1 Million in the Bank
Starting Out Writing Online – Torrey Umland – Medium
how to turn tiny problems into million $$ mindset – Torrey Umland – Medium
how to grow your mindfolio by 365% every year – Torrey Umland – Medium
Deploy Seven Unteachable Principles to Survive Your CUBICLE
How 30 Day Challenges Can Enrich Your Life – LeaderCraft – Medium
happiness comes from… – LeaderCraft – Medium

For the first time, I experimented with Quora. I answered about a dozen questions across multiple topics. I was most surprised by the reaction to my explanation of dead locks answering “what is a computer doing when it freezes?“. I often forget, to most people, software is like black magic.

In addition, some cool developments happened in May and June within our little Facebook community called “Being a Leader”. The group has finished two 30-day challenges. The first was ten+ pushups daily for thirty days. The second was ‘no complaining’ for thirty days. The group has grown to fifty members, and there is a waiting list of thirty people to join. Check it out here: (

The Medium experiment made me realize the joy in curation and customization. Ultimately I decided to return to WordPress. In the process of returning, I made some upgrades! I sprung for a custom domain and finally figured out how to set up email digests.

In the second half of June I focused on creating some new fitness and hygiene habits. Writing was put on hold. I lost five pounds, and I finally grew out my teenager-level flossing routine. Now, I am behind on sharing what I’ve learned. Recently I finished reading some great books including Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, and Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. I’m ready to get back to the writing craft.

Thus, the blog is reborn as! Easy to remember, except almost no one outside of San Diego County can spell the name correctly. 😉


Thank you for reading.

Together we build a world free of fear.  What would you do if you were not afraid?

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