Weekly Update – #21 – President’s Day

Hi I’m Torrey. Each week I write about my experiences with running, reading, and writing. Welcome to my blog!

Can you believe it? The year 2020 is already 13% over. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned in 2020 so far.

Quote of the week, from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. This comes from his weekly 3-2-1 email newsletter:

You are richer than 93% of people.

Not in money, but in time. 108 billion people have lived throughout history. 93% of them are dead.

You have what every king and queen, every pharaoh and ruler, every CEO and celebrity of the past would give all their wealth for:



For running, I ran a total of 15 miles this week. I took a few shorts runs during the week and a longer run on Sunday morning. My long route explored a good chunk of Redondo Beach, California. I paced down some unknown streets and discovered hidden treasures. One of them being the raptor pictured above.

I’ve been working more exploration into my long runs. This week I wanted to head to the beach and then bounce back inland. I ended up at the Redondo Beach Pier, which is a pretty cool place to look around. After reaching the coast I turned around and beelined over to our YMCA branch. I regrouped with my family there, showered off, and then headed out to our next stop. Total mileage for this run: 9.8 miles.


For reading, I picked up a copy of Edison by Edmund Morris. This book was recommended by one of my favorite authors, Cal Newport. I’ve only glanced at the introduction, but Edison seems like a fascinating character so far. I haven’t read anything else by Morris, but I know he is an award winning author and he penned a trilogy of biographical books about Teddy Roosevelt.

I’m still reading the Gregory Hays translation of Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations and The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene. Gotta pick up the pace!


For writing, this is my third weekly update in a row. And, 155+ people are following the blog. Awesome!

I’ve been thinking about maximizing learning. I have a habit of journaling every night and listing everything I learned during the day. The question I ask myself: is what did I learn today. Some days the list is short, and some days the list is long and varied.

I think there are 2 important aspects of learning: reading and questioning. Reading books opens your mind to ideas new to you. Trying new things requires asking lots of questions.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week. I appreciate all of you for subscribing and leaving comments.

** The photo is a raptor I saw on my run. I thought he was fake until he looked at me and took flight.

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