September 2019 Reading Update

Image source: Pixabay

Hi everyone, just wanted to provide a quick update on my reading.

I have started a new strategy. I have this long spreadsheet listing every book I bought. I am going back and reading all the books I bought and never finished reading. Some of them I never event started. This list is called my reading backlog.

Recently I finished reading a few titles which I recommend:

  1. The Everything Store by Brad Stone
  2. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

The Everything Store is an unofficial telling of the story. It’s a few years out-of-date but it does cover the origins of Kindle and Amazon Web Services. I was not old enough to experience the drama of the dotcom boom and bust, so I really enjoyed those parts.

The Lean Startup is a must read for software professionals. I’m not sure why I put it off so long. This book changed the way I think about multiple aspects of my job. And I’m recommending it to peers who haven’t read it.

Now, I’m working my way through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography titled Total Recall. I haven’t gotten far but it is interesting to see what it was like living in post-WWII Austria.

I think reading is one of the best ways to increase income. There is millions of dollars worth of knowledge sitting on bookshelves.

Here’s the rest of my reading backlog. 29 titles and growing. At my current pace this will take 1-2 years to burn through.

Dotcom SecretsRussel Brunson
Beyond Band of BrothersDick Winters
QEDRichard Feynman
Thomas JeffersonJohn Meacham
Search Inside YourselfTan, Goleman, Kabat-Zinn
TribesSeth Godin
The Ten Faces of InnovationKelley, Littman
Napoleon: A LifeAndrew Roberts
The Power of MythJoseph Campbell
Rise of the YoupreneurChris Ducker
48 Laws of PowerRobert Greene
UnshakeableTony Robbins
SapiensYuval Harari
Homo DeusYuval Harari
21 Lessons for the 21st CenturyYuval Harari
JRR Tolkien : A BiographyHenry Carpenter
Washington: A LifeRon Chernow
HamiltonRon Chernow
GrantRon Chernow
Fooled By RandomnessNN Taleb
The Black SwanNN Taleb
The Bed of ProcrustesNN Taleb
Anti-FragileNN Taleb
Skin in the GameNN Taleb
An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist.Richard Dawkins
Getting Things DoneDavid Allen
Stillness Is The KeyRyan Holiday
The Infinite GameSimon Sinek

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