What I learned from the book Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

Are you a multiplier or are you a diminisher?

Multipliers is one of my favorite leadership/management books. I discovered it watching the author speak.

The full title of the book is Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman with Greg McKeown (Affiliate link) (Non-affiliate link)

The main premise of the book is leaders can be divided into two groups: multipliers and diminishers. Multipliers get 110% of someones potential, while diminishers get only around 50%.

The logic of multiplication exemplifies a positive, abundance mindset. Multipliers think this way, and thinking this way enables their people to perform at their absolute best.

Logic of Multiplication

• Most people in the organization are under-utilized

• All capability can be leveraged with the right leadership

• Intelligence and capability can be multiplied without hiring more

• Mindset: “There are smart people everywhere who will figure this out and get even smarter in the process.”

The book also discusses multiplier disciplines. These include things like getting the right people on the right bus, and in the right seats on the bus. I don’t think leaders (myself included) are ever perfect at these things; there is always room for improvement.

5 Disciplines of the Multiplier:

  1. Attract and Optimize Talent

  2. Create intensity that requires best thinking.

  3. Extend challenges

  4. Debate decisions

  5. Install ownership and accountability

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