The Two Types of Laziness

Reddit user /u/CS-NL was called a scumbag. He was employed in data entry, data verification position. His team was responsible for entering and verifying records all day long. /u/CS-NL took it upon himself to use his basic computer programming skills to automate his job.

Between co workers, they have a 90% accuracy rating and 60-100 transactions a day completed. I have 99.6% accuracy and over 1,000 records a day.

There are two types of laziness. Lazy busyness and innovative laziness.

Lazy busyness. Doing things the way they have been done before and not bothering to look for a better way. Working longer hours to finish tasks that could be done away with altogether.

Innovative Laziness. Looking for better ways to do things that free up time to do something else. Eliminating effort.

/u/CS-NL practiced innovative laziness. His coworkers practiced lazy busyness.

How to apply this:

Analyze your daily routine. Find one step to be eliminated, delegated, automated, or optimized. Experiment!

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