99 Fears: Fear of Failure

What drives us to inaction.

Fearing failure is dangerous.
It can halt all momentum.

You won’t be great at the start,
But you have to start to become great.

Remember that you are not alone.
Call on friends and colleagues to get unstuck.

Keep moving forward.
Try a different angle.

When the military goes to war,
It sends in the cavalry, the navy, the air force,
the army, the marines.

Go to war to solve your problem.
Attack it from all angles.

Remember there is an upside,
When things don’t go your way.

You have an opportunity to learn.
Ask: what should I be learning right now?

Remember there are a thousand more chances to start afresh.
The universe is abundant.

Wake up tomorrow,
And start again.

Together we build a world free of ear.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

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