99 Fears: The Fear of Missing Out

What drives us to waste hours doing stuff we don’t truly enjoy

There’s so much going on online
It’s hard not to fall behind
It’s like a firehose of information
You refresh the page incessantly
You start to feel a fear of missing out

We watch TV shows we hate
And meaningless TV news
because coworkers are talking about it
And we don’t want to feel left out

Remember that people are happier who care less about what others think
You get more done if you take time to rest
Do nothing
And think deeply

If you really did miss something
It’s an opportunity to ask
And to make a new friend or two

Always be yourself
Always do the right thing
Being yourself is the best to add value
You bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table

Dare to be different,
Dare to make a difference

Together we build a world free of fear.

What would you do if you were not afraid?


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