Weekly Flight Plan: A Metaphor for Busy Lives

Before every flight, the pilot runs through routine checks. The passengers and cargo are counting on those checks to ensure safety. The engines and flaps are checked along with other critical functions. The fuel levels are checked. The cabin is locked and the cargo is secured. A flight plan is compiled and confirmed with air traffic control. Only when all is well, the plane barrels down the runway and into the clouds.

Use this as an analogy for a typical work week. On Monday morning take flight with a destination in mind for Saturday. Ideally, land safely. Like a pilot checking his aircraft and confirming the flight plan, how do we ensure weekly success?


For sake of metaphor, think of your body and mind as the plane. Like the pilots checks the engines, check your mental state and your breathing. Example methods: meditation and mindfulness practice. As the pilot tests the flaps, stretch your muscles. We do this through our workouts, yoga practice, and other physical exercise. Also your body needs its own jet fuel, and it likes good stuff. Eat healthy food, don’t gunk up the machinery.


In your flight plan, set goals for the week. Make note of where you may meet turbulence, and plan ahead. Identify your biggest challenges and opportunities. You may need to make adjustments to your plan in real time; expect problems. Do your best to stick to the plan even when your energy and willpower run low. If you thought a task was important on Monday, it’s probably still important on Friday, even if you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.


After you land at the end of the week, debrief yourself. Did things go according to plan? Based on how well you did meeting objectives, give yourself a letter grade. Also spend some time to plan your next flight. What can you do differently to achieve an even better outcome? What mistakes were made that can be avoided in the future? We all screw things up on a daily basis…

Thanks for reading! My mission in writing these posts is always to help uplift at least one person. If only one person is uplifted, the world is a slightly better place. Your comments and feedback make writing extremely rewarding; I truly appreciate receiving them. Stay legendary!

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