Make Things Right

I was recently asked how I managed to stay out  of trouble during my short 27 years. There must be something that oriented my moral compass. I remember one story vividly.
I was a energetic 10 year old boy. The local grocery story had these bulk bins for peanuts. One day I went with my parents there for our weekly shopping, and without asking, I pocketed 3 raw peanuts.
When we got home, I ran into one of my neighborhood friends. Me, acting cool, offered my friend some of my peanuts. My dad, witnessing this, immediately knew what had happened. He was furious.
My friend was sent home, this was serious. Dad drove me back to the store and pushed me inside. I was to apologize for what I had done. Of course, they didn’t care: but, I wasn’t doing this for them. Dad made me do this, for me.
The guilt and embarrassment in that moment is unforgettable. I decided right then and there I would never steal again. I learned what it means to ‘make things right’. And I chose to Always do the right thing.

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