Build a Compass – Be a coach, explore fearlessly. Be legendary.

I am a legendary coach and explorer. I’ll explain why.

Sometimes we all need a little help finding our way. Brendon Burchard describes a method for building an internal compass. This compass helps you stay on course and blaze a trail. Building the compass is a useful thought experiment.

The Technique

Think of 3 words to describe your ideal self. Your ideal self is the person you aspire to be: at home, at school/work, in your community. What would you do if you were not afraid?

Repeat your 3 words throughout your day to reorient yourself. These words serve as your mantra, a tool for staying on course. They can be anything: nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

My Compass

It took me weeks to settle on 3 words that resonate with me. Legend, Coach, Explorer.


I remind myself that I am legendary. It feels good knowing there is only one of me in the cosmos, while still understanding the insignificance of one being. Everything I do should make a memorable impact either directly or indirectly. Legends act with courage, and overcome their fears. If I am not making an impact or building a legacy, I am off course. I have missions I must accomplish before I leave the Earth. I will leave this place soon.

Here’s a quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger,  a true legend. Read it with his accent, or better yet watch the video I linked below.

Not every legend is a myth. Some are flesh and blood. Some legends walk among us. But, they aren’t born, they’re built. Legends are made from iron and sweat, mind and and muscle, blood and vision, and victory. Legends are champions. They win, they conquer. There’s a legend behind every legacy. There’s a blueprint behind every legend.


A coach’s duty is to guide and lead others to success in life and in all things. You might be a coach already and you don’t even know it. We have coaches in our work places, our schools,  our families, and our communities. Parenting requires coaching.

If I am not helping people succeed, I am off course. For role models, a few legendary coaches come to mind: John Wooden (Bruins) and Nick Sabin (Crimson Tide).


I believe that exploration is a basic human need. When this part of your life is missing, you will receive a signal, you will feel stuck. You can explore books, you can explore music, and you can explore the universe. If am not exploring new ideas, new knowledge, or new places every day, I am off course. In terms of legendary explorers, there are countless role models to choose from. Richard Branson,  Felix Baumgartner and James Cameron are 3.


These words resonate for me. Be a coach, explore fearlessly. Be legendary. Use my words if you like. It makes a whole lot of sense to run your own thought experiment and build your own compass.

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