Notes on Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni

Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni (affiliate link) (non-affiliate link)

What I learned from Four Obsessions:

The four obsessions are COHESIVE, CLARITY, OVER-COMMUNICATE, REINFORCE. Build a cohesive team. Create clarity of values, mission, strategy. Over-communicate these things to the company. And reinforce them in processes like hiring and onboarding.

Simple performance management questions are: what did you accomplish? What will you accomplish next? What can you improve? Are you embracing the values?

Most executives focus on organizational intelligence, but ignore organizational health. The latter is crucial for things like retention and explosive growth. Executives are ultimately responsible for setting the culture of their organization.

What inspired me from Four Obsessions:

Like other Patrick Lencioni texts, this is a leadership parable. This story reminded me of a similar one Simon Sinek tells to explain the difference between finite and infinite players. A company that’s obsessed with beating the competition is a finite player, playing a finite game. Playing to win. The infinite player plays an infinite game, and uses higher level thinking. Instead of thinking about beating the competition, the infinite player thinks how to make the very best product or service. Even though, it’s not a finite competition, the infinite player never loses.

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