Tuesday December 13th, 2016 ~ 9:33am

Work. Work hard and smart. Michael Phelps trained three times per day. His friends told him he was crazy. He said ‘thank you’ and went on to become the world’s best in multiple Olympic swimming events.

Conditioning. The difference between you and the best in your field is physical and mental conditioning. Consistency of practice determines consistency of success. Coach Wooden planned every minute of every practice, and his teams shattered college basketball records.

Ask stupid questions. Give yourself permission to look bad. Even better, give everyone around you permission to make you look bad. We can get a lot more done if we all stop worrying about looking smart.

Ask more questions. Any problem can be solved by asking 1,000 questions. The tricky part is finding the right questions to ask. It gets really interesting when The Internet doesn’t have the answers.


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