How Tiny Creations Make the World a Better Place

I believe all people must participate in the world. Bystanders watch the world go by. Participants shape it. The world’s artists and entrepreneurs participate through creation. With our own tiny creations, we can all do the same .

There are thousands of tiny ways to contribute. These are few examples:

  • Hand-write a note to someone you appreciate. Say thank you.
  • Review your favorite cafe on Yelp. Thank the staff.
  • Write a review of the last book you enjoyed. Thank the author.
  • Vote in democratic elections.

Most people won’t take 5 minutes to write a sincere thank you to someone or something they care about. Dare to be different. Dare to make a difference.

Dare to be different. Dare to make a difference.

Writing little notes spreads positivity in the world. Thoughts influence when expressed. We choose to express nothing, express love, or express hate. Expressions are tiny creations, and tiny creations change the world.

  • Be a giver more than a taker
  • Be a participant more than a bystander
  • Be a creator more than a destroyer
  • Be a producer more than a consumer
  • Be active more than passive

The result? you live an inspired life. You inspire everyone around you.

Stay Legendary,



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