Hydrate, Meditate, Oscillate, Pontificate, Educate

Simplified morning routine for weak willed folks like me.

For a long time I struggled to develop a consistent morning routine. The Internet holds tons of advice on this subject. Usually it boils down to just a few key habits. Drinking water, meditation, excercise, reading, writing. And don’t forget eating!


  • Drink clean water. Your brain and your body thrive on it.
  • Start with hydration as it helps with all else.


  • My simple mantra: “All I have is my breath”
  • Feel trapped emotions, accept them, release them.
  • Start the day with a clear mind and clear heart.


  • Stretch your muscles
  • Strengthen your muscles
  • Move your muscles


  • Write in your journal
  • Write down your goals (again)
  • Write down your values
  • Write down your mission
  • Write down your thoughts and ideas


“Drink deeply from good books.” — John Wooden

  • Read books that expand your mind
  • Read at your own pace
  • Read strategies to apply during the day.

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