Do Work, Make Deals, Sign on the Dotted Line

Stand Out 

He not busy being born is busy dying. — Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate 

I prepared to discharge my wife from the hospital after the birth of our sons. A woman ran into the room with a heavy duty breast milk pump and a 10 page contract. I started to skim the pages, not even reading carefully. The lady remarked: “seriously! You’re going to read all of that?”. I replied: “Yes.”

I realized in that moment that most people don’t bother to read the fine print.  Here’s a professional who hands out contracts every day, appalled that I might actually read the agreement. I stood out.

I realized that paperwork comes with  life-changing events. Opening a bank account, becoming a home owner, making a business deal. Many life-changing events revolve around paperwork. If you’re signing you name often, chances are something big is happening.

Most people aren’t willing to put in the work. To read the paperwork. To sign their name to get closer to your goals. Being handed a heavy 100-page bundle by your notary public is intimidating. Sitting for an hour reading and signing each page is not fun. Most people don’t bother reading 10 pages. But it’s necessary.

And then I remembered what I learned from Les Brown:

You have to be willing to do what other’s won’t do in order to have what other’s won’t have.

You have to do things you’ve never done to become someone you’ve never been.

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