Quest To Maintain Zero Readers

Almost no one reads my stuff and that’s okay. I write for the joy of it.

Like many writers, I’m an absolutely awful promoter. I don’t know how to sell my abilities and my work. I don’t know how to build an audience. I do enjoy writing.

My Medium Stats as of 10/23/2016

My stories’ stats are awful. No on reads my stuff. Maybe I pissed off the recommendation algorithm. I don’t know. I accept obscurity. I have freedom to experiment. How grateful I am!

I’ve set a new challenge for myself: how long can I go without being read. There is one condition: I’m not allowed to hold back on promotion. I have to shamelessly promote. Being unread is a kind of rejection. How long can rejection continue? Let’s see! I declare victory every day until I find two true fans. Two souls who read everything I publish.

Experimentation is required to find and eliminate what doesn’t work. Experiments should answer questions. The answer may be your idea doesn’t work. The experiment is successful with negative results. This is not failure. Now you know. Now you move on to the next experiment. Eventually, all the bad ideas will work themselves out of existence.

This approach helps build self-esteem. By facing it head on, you overcome rejection. You learn not to focus on others’ opinions. What matters is your own self-assertiveness. Dealing with the critic inside is hard enough without also worrying about critics outside.

By not pleasing everyone else, you win. You gain authenticity. Your audience begins to know you for you. Not you for the spineless, trying to please everyone you.

Stop worrying about being discovered. Put in the work. Experiment. Be shameless.

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