How can I make more mistakes today?

Powerful questions change the way we think. We learn from mistakes and turn them into laughable stories.

A favorite question is ‘how can I make more mistakes today?’ By asking the question we admit that we are not perfect. All of us make mistakes, big or small, every day. We must give ourselves permission to be imperfect.

The question helps us move forward. When putting ourselves out there and trying new things, mistakes tend to happen. We fail miserably. Then, we look back at what happened and find the joy of telling the story.

This thing happened to me! It was awful, I can’t believe it. This has never happened! Well … now you know.

What happens when we allow ourselves to make more mistakes? We learn faster. We get more stuff done. Why? because we spend less energy worrying and more energy doing. The best way to learn is immersive learning. It means do the thing you want to learn, immerse yourself. Live in Spain to learn Spanish.

Of course there are constraints. Failing the same way over and over goes nowhere. Dangerous mistakes kill.

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